CNC Milling

At ESM we use the latest machining technology for CNC controlled milling services.

Our CNC milling machines and machining centres are sourced from a number of quality engineering manufacturers including, DMG MORI and Haas.

These reliable machines have a range of table sizes which will allow us to offer the CNC milling of items in excess of 1m long x 500mm, and have 4th axis . This gives us a great deal of flexibility to manufacture the parts our customers require, efficiently and economically. Our machine tools are located in small cell units to enable us to offer our customers the most efficient manufacturing methods. This allows us to machine components for our customers in the most efficient and cost effective way.

CNC Turning

At ESM we offer the manufacture of CNC turned parts to a wide range of industries across Europe. We run off small or large batch quantities of precision turned parts to exceed the requirements of our customers.

Conventional Turning & Milling

To keep up with the advancing technology of today, we know that CNC machining is typically the way forward for most quantities of batch production, but manual machines can still be effective. We have the facilities and experience to utilise our manual machines to provide prototype components, 1-off requirements, and components for new product development. Our Manual Machines enable us to keep to rapid turnaround times, which can be essential in the product development sector.


At ESM we understand that the quality of the surface treatment of the material is just as important as the machining of the product itself. Over the years we have developed relationships with other companies who can provide additional services to the products that we supply including heat treatment, grinding, welding, plating, anodising & painting.


With our decades of experience and varying customers’ requirements, we understand that getting a product to market is of the utmost importance to our customers We embrace this demand in the manufacture of prototypes and can help keep production times down, by offering a rapid and reliable response to any prototyping & new product development enquiries we receive. Whether it’s a special 1-off model to test a concept, or a small batch production to trial, we regularly work with customers and provide advice both before and during the manufacturing process to ensure the best end result.

Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)

Here at ESM engineering we want to make it easy for our customers. We use up to date CAM software, which allows us to import images/files from many different design software packages giving us the ability to assist our customers quickly without complications. We can import images using the following file types:

  • dwg
  • dxf
  • stp/step
  • igs

From these files we can create accurate cutting data for both quotation and manufacturing purposes.



ESM has witnessed a vast variety of assemblies from a number of different customers, so we have gained years of experience in producing assembled products. Depending on our customers’ requirements these can be either part finished or fully finished. For more information please contact us.

Materials & Volumes

At ESM we have been able to gain some unparalleled experience in machining a wide variety of materials including:

  • Ferrous
  • Non- ferrous
  • Specialist alloys
  • Engineering plastics

We also have a wealth of experience in machining hard nickel alloys (Inconel, Titanium, Hastelloy etc.), stainless, and aluminum. We fabricate with various plastics common to the aerospace, medical and energy industries such as Vespel, Delrin, Peek, Acrylic, Rulon, Phenolic, Vesconite and others. We are experienced in determining the appropriate tooling, speeds, feeds and fabrication strategies to meet a wide range of finishes while maximizing fabrication efficiency and quality.

Associated Services

To maintain the competitive edge in business the most cost effective solution needs to be identified. We have a broad range of approved partners enabling ESM to provide a one-stop-shop production service to our customers.

  • Heat treatment
  • Electroplating 
  • Anodising
  • Grinding
  • Welding (steel, stainless steel & aluminium)
  • Fabrication (bending, forming & punching)
  • Laser cutting
  • Waterjet cutting

We can provide advice and guidance on alternative or more cost effective manufacturing methods. We can manage the manufacture of machined parts and supply the finished components plated and heat treated to your specifications.